Commitment to Excellence

High-Power and Innovation Are Our Heritage

As an American PV leader, Suniva develops and manufactures high-efficiency PV solar cells and high-powered PV modules. With its excellence in research, development and production, Suniva offers one of the highest quality PV products on the market today using low cost manufacturing techniques which include leveraging global assembly resources in America and Asia. Suniva is one of a select few of US owned manufacturers that offers the option of Buy America compliant modules - Get the quality you deserve: Buy American from Americans.


Our world-class team has decades of PV industry experience and a unique development approach that enables us to deliver leading-edge solar cell performance while dramatically cutting the cost of PV for our customers. Suniva is committed to producing the highest-quality, high-conversion efficiency cells at low cost, using the best materials and process knowledge. Suniva's mission is to utilize our U.S.- based technology to make high-power solar cells and modules at affordable costs to address the world's energy needs.