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Marine Corps Air Field

Suniva Powers Marine One Helicopter Base

“We are committed to using highly efficient, American-sourced solar modules on our projects. Suniva fits the bill to a ‘T’.” - FLS Energy

Created to help the US Navy meet its ambitious renewable energy targets, the Suniva canopy installation at the Marine Corps Air Field, home to the President’s Marine One Helicopter Hanger, is producing clean, renewable, secure energy and independent of external sources.

The 120-kilowatt system, installed by FLS Energy, features 500 of Suniva’s high-quality panels and is expected to produce approximately 150,000 kWh of electricity per year—enough to reduce the site’s electric bills by as much as $10,500 annually and help the base to meet rigorous energy mandates set by the secretary of the Navy.

The Suniva photovoltaic system on the hangar is expected to provide two credits toward the LEED certification required under guidelines that all DON MILCON projects meet LEED standards. The building’s energy efficient lighting and HVAC system, low flow fixtures and other energy efficient technologies are expected to provide the rest of the credits required to achieve LEED Silver Certification.



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